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Head hair stylist and founder of MASHU Salon.

​Ken Kinoshita works in Tokyo, New York and all of the world.

​He is frequently spotlighted in distinguished industry magazines, including ar, More, Can Cam, Hair Mode, and Wella International Style Book, as well as many hair catalogs and hair style manuals.

Ken has been honored with numerous awards—New Comer of the Year finalist, Area Stylist of the Year finalist, Japan Hairdressing Award 1st prize, Wella Trend Vision Award finalist, Milbon Award finalist, and D2 Contest 1st prize, to name a few.

Ken also collaborates with renowned brands such as Louis Vuitton, Yves Saint Lauren, Lanvin, John Galliano, and Comme des Garcon for their exhibitions in the Paris, New York, and Tokyo Collections. After studying design and makeup techniques in Tokyo, London and New York.

Ken founded MASHU Salon in 1990.

Modern, luxurious, and relaxing, MASHU is known as one of the trendiest hair salons in Japan, a place where celebrities can be spotted on occasion.

MASHU provides the highest quality services to meet each customer's needs and shares in the excitement and joy of creating beauty with its customers.

Ken and the MASHU team are excited to bring their exquisite, Japan-born services to the fashion capital of the world.

MASHU ファウンダー兼クリエイティブディレクター。




TV、HAIR SHOW、COLLECTION、ファッション誌、業界誌等でも活躍。

2003年よりNYを拠点に、 ヨーロッパ等でもヘアメイク、創作活動を開始。

RUN WAYでは、パリコレクション、ニューヨークコレクション等において、LOUIS VUITTON、YVES SAINT LAURENT、LANVIN、JOHN GALLIANO、COMME des GARCONS、ZUCCA等、多数のBACK STAGEに参加。SALONには多くのモデル、アーティスト、タレント、著名人等来店している。NEW YORKを拠点に世界に向けて新たなクリエイションをスタートさせる。

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